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Andersen Capital Partners provides short-term, bridge loans to real estate investors and developers who are unable to secure timely financing through conventional lenders. As a private lender, we focus primarily on the value of the real estate collateral as the basis for the loan, which allows us to meet the financing needs of borrowers with short funding timelines or non-bankable projects. Unlike many “hard money” lenders, we do not rely on outside investors to fund our loans – we lend our own capital with complete control over all underwriting and funding decisions.

Andersen Capital Partners and its affiliates have been lending private capital secured by real estate since 1995. The company’s management team and advisors are seasoned professionals with decades of collective experience in banking, real estate, accounting, and corporate finance. Integrity is the cornerstone of Andersen Capital Partners’ business philosophy and guides everything we do. Our team holds licenses in real estate, mortgage banking, loan origination, and public accounting. In addition, we are members of numerous civic and professional organizations. Learn more.

NMLS #1444044 • AZDFI BK-0909015